Wi-fi router, glass, transparent color print, digital images.
Exhibited at Rudolf Schindler's Bethlehem Baptist Church
as part of "Yes I've had a facelift, but who hasn't?"
Organized by 501(c)3 , Adjustments Agency and Jessica Kwok.

“The LA-based artist Matthew Doyle uses a wi-fi router to create a local network. When accessed via a phone, a public, captive website depicts different images of original stained glass windows created by the artist and scaled to the size of the windows in the Bethlehem Baptist Church. Doyle’s work embellishes the existing structure without actually physically altering the space, in the process disrupting the unadorned modernity with a traditional, ecclesiastic motif. Alongside the captive network, a color photograph of the exterior windows of the Bethlehem Baptist Church is printed on glass, reversing the strategy of the digital intervention. On the one hand, the work disrupts the modernist integrity of the church; on the other, it memorializes the original design as something akin to a religious icon.” —Nick Korody and Jessica Kwok.